Autumn Gentle Cleanse

“Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go”, a natural transition time from the exuberance and heat of summer, the stressors of everyday life, an opportunity to enjoy a much-needed respite, calm the mind, cleanse the body, boost our resilience and enjoy the serenity of the changing season in the arms of nature with our gentle detox retreat at Under the Linden Tree.

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Interspecies Communication and Nature Reverence Retreat

There has never been a greater and more critical time to walk upon our Mother Earth ! An opportunity for humanity to awaken a deeper sense of interconnectedness with all living beings and the planet itself.
Spiritual traditions teach that everything in the universe is interconnected, our actions have consequences not just for ourselves but for the entire web of life…

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Green peaches, green worm

Insect life

Insect life Dragonfly finding shade under the caper plant Green on green, peaches and worm Άραγε χρειαζόμαστε άδεια χρήσης από τα ζωντανά; Playlist 2 Videos Bees on lavender, June 2022 0:16 Snail unfurls Play Video Photo Diary Insect life Linden, Tlia and phylira Spring flowers March mood with Eve Racine retreats A Creative Writing Retreat

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Spring flowers

Lilies, Lupines & Asphodelus Zephyranthes atamasca also known as βροχή-κρίνο, κρίνος, λευκό, λουλούδι, χλωρίδα, φύση, διακοσμητικό φυτό, βοτανικός, καλλιέργεια, zephyranthes atamasca, rain lily, easter lily Lupinus latifolius Asphodelus ramosus Ασφόδελος ο πολύκλαδος Flowers that never fail to delight Wisteria sinesis Anemone Wild Poppy Irises Iris tuberosa, Hermodactylus Η Ίριδα με τα βελούδα February to early

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