Gentle Autumn Cleansing

time to release toxins and
boost our immune system to prepare for winter

Gentle Autumn Cleansing

time to release toxins and
boost our immune system to prepare for winter


“Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go”
A natural transition time from the exuberance and heat of summer and the stressors of everyday life. An opportunity to enjoy a much-needed respite, calm the mind, cleanse the body, boost our resilience and enjoy the serenity of the changing season in the arms of nature with our gentle detox retreat at Under the Linden Tree.

This retreat is helpful for all those needing to reset their inner compass
– cleansing the body, mind and spirit in a joyful and healthy way!

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Cleanse, Detox, Boost your Immunity

Detox and cleanse the body from the long-term toxic waste built up from our high paced lives; from the noisy hustle and bustle of every day, from the frequent use of internet technology and various nutritional substances such as gluten, dairy, sugar, tobacco, alcohol etc.

Our balanced diet consisting of organic high quality ingredients, herbs and juices will help extract accumulated waste and feed the body with vital nutrients. Where possible food produce will be locally sourced. Yoga, Qi-Gong and Sound therapy on our outdoor yoga deck under the linden tree will further stimulate detoxification. Our yurt (alongside the yoga deck) is available for opt-in one-on-one sessions and therapies.

Our days at Linden

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*Participants will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to arrival.

Day 1: Let’s get to know each other. Introductions, Readings & Preparation

  • Informal gathering together to meet and greet
  • A pleasant introductory walk around Under the Linden Tree to familiarise all with the various spaces.
  • Scheduling of individual Aura and Energy readings and individual treatments (massage, energy readings etc.)
  • Light vegan meals for  lunch & dinner in preparation for the detox days.

Day 2-6: Detox days

  • Rise and Shine with recommended detox routines in the comfort of your rooms
  • Our days together will start at 8.00 with Qi Gong under the linden tree
  • Presentations on physical and emotional clearing and cleansing
  • Juices, Herbal detox teas, Broths and one light solid meal
  • A delicious vegan lunch prepared with local fresh products.
  • The afternoons are yours for relaxation – small walks, reading, reflection, therapies etc.
  • Nidra yoga at 18:00

Connect with Nature

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Enjoy plenty of free time Under the Linden Tree, walking though the vineyards, the olive and orange groves, pausing by the ponds or just sitting quietly beside the mighty Linden tree to find much needed tranquility and support from nature.

Gift yourself the opportunity to connect to self and to nature, to detox, purify and leave lighter, brighter and more in tune with the world around you.

One-on-One Optional Therapies, Treatments & Sessions

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You will get to enjoy some of these treatments as part of the retreat but you can also choose to have one-on-one sessions. Aromatherapy, Energy Balancing, Massage, Sound therapy, Yoga. Interested persons can book their session in advance or during the meetings on the first day.

Accommodation – The Cottages

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Under the Linden Tree is a sustainable ecological retreat and a vineyard nestled in the heart of the island, far from the crowd and fifteen minutes from the port.

Accommodation will be single or double rooms in cottages spread within the vineyards, orange & olive groves. All with sweeping views up to the granite hill of Exomvourgo. The cottages (Olive, Oak, Orange & Morning Glory ) are designed to provide modern comforts and privacy with separate entrances and outdoor spaces.

What's Included. What's not included

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What’s included

  • 6 nights accommodation at Under the Linden Tree
  • Aura reading
  • Energy reading
  • One individual treatment 
  • All meals included
  • Group activities, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy, information and presentations on various subjects, nature walks
  • Transfers to and from the port of Tinos
  • In-room fruit and beverages
  • Yoga mats
  • Organic bathroom products shampoo/conditioner/soap
  • Beach towels

What’s not included

  • Travel costs to Tinos Island
  • Gratuities for retreat center staff
  • Any additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control
  • Any hotel or travel costs after the retreat ends
  • Extra optional therapies 

Guided by . . .

Nidhi Deva

Nidhideva is an experienced Holistic Therapist and Coach. She has travelled and studied extensively in India and many European countries. Her background in holistic living and healthy nutrition, having spanned many years of research and study, shows the undeniable connection between balanced nutritious food, excellent health and emotional equilibrium.

Her personal journey, through many extraordinary experiences and teachings, has led her to the understanding that human beings thrive when conscious awakening occurs on all levels. Health, happiness, ease and peace with ourselves and others can be created. The wisdom of India, holistic scientific research, the healing traditions of many cultures and the influence of certain enlightened Masters have all inspired her to facilitate the integration of these levels.

Nidhi uses various energy balancing methods of hands-on healing, holistic coaching and therapy to guide people towards achieving more balance in their lives within the fields of their energy flow, physical and mental nutrition and emotional expression. She is a Reiki Master, offering energy balancing workshops for groups and individuals for many years.

Katerina Theodosiou

Katerina has a degree in classical & traditional singing. She has attended Carl Orff and music therapy seminars and is a graduate of the  Peter Hess Academy. She has worked with children, adults and people with special needs. She is a soprano & vocal coaching teacher, has sung alongside notable artists as a soloist & chorister (Herodes Atticus Conservatory, National Opera, Karolos Koun Art Theater etc.), has released recorded material and has participated in choir festivals. She has also worked as a voice over in the dubbing of children's films.   She has worked as a holistic healer, Master Reiki Teacher, Sound Therapist and has coordinated experiential self-improvement seminars through audio & voice.   Searching for flow through her deepest being, Katerina has discovered her personal path. Equipped with her studies and with sound as her companion she has created her own patterns of rhythm and mixed this with the colours of her personal palette. With the meditative voice & Sound Therapy, she has the ability to feel the rhythm & vibration that releases a person's emotional memories, offering a meditative experience, that helps to reveal a deep sense of inner balance for body & mind.

Valerie Unterwald

In 1988 I began the path to Self discovery with active and passive meditations. I am a Reiki Master and have been teaching since 1990. Throughout my personal development I studied different kinds of massage therapy and alternative therapies, I discovered Qigong in 2013. Over time, as my needs and focus have evolved, my practice of Qigong has deepened accordingly. During a Qigong practice one can meditate, as well as observe, feel and sense all of their being; an internal and external dance with the elements and the Self. I have been offering Qigong to groups in workshops for the last 2 years. I have also incorporated my Qigong practice in different kinds of existing workshops and seminars for the last 8 years. My personal journey has led me to see human beings in a holistic way; we can not separate the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit as they are interconnected.

Valerie Unterwald, Founder of The emergence of the Self - Bonding games and small theatrical improvisations.
Diplomas in Interpersonal Communication
2018 - Cork University, Ireland. Higher Diploma in Relationship Mentoring
2018 - Cork University, Ireland.

Nilufer Çağlar

Nilufer and her family arrived twenty years ago on the island. They came upon this hidden and abandoned paradise in the middle of Tinos. Carefully and slowly, they have restored the land, listening to and co-creating with all the elements of nature there: the linden tree, the olive grove, the orange orchard, the herbs and water sources. In time they planted a vineyard. This adventure still continues, and they look forward to see how it will evolve in time.

Lila Patrineli

Lila was born in Greece in the 1970s. She was one of the first Greeks to travel all the way to India to study as a direct student under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Since her first visit to Mysore, India, in 1995, Lila has dedicated her life to enriching her yoga practice through extensive workshops and retreats all over the world. She has become one of the most respected Ashtanga yoga teachers in Athens, with over twenty years of experience. She combines different yoga styles in small groups, aiming not only at physical but also spiritual development.

Price Options

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till September 22
  • This is a very intimate retreat with a maximum of 9 places available.
    €150 Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

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