Gentle Spring Cleansing, Detox @ Under the Linden Tree, Tinos

Gentle Spring Cleansing

MAY 13-19, 2024
Time to release what we no longer need and rejuvenate just like the nature around us.
A transition time from the inward-looking cold winter days to those of the active spring- summer season. An opportunity to invigorate the mind and the body and to boost our resilience with the support of our team at Under the Linden Tree organic farm.

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Tinos Livada spring

Interspecies Communication and Nature Reverence Retreat

MAY 22-26, 2024
There has never been a greater and more critical time to walk upon our Mother Earth ! An opportunity for humanity to awaken a deeper sense of interconnectedness with all living beings and the planet itself. Spiritual traditions teach that everything in the universe is interconnected, our actions have consequences not just for ourselves but for the entire web of life…

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Tilia and the Linden

Tilia and the Linden

A magical story about the origins of a magnificent tree by Ieva, Jihan, John

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The shy shady Mulberry tree

Maybe they prefer this as they are shy trees in their fruit hiding their juiciest...

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