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About us

A Nature Re-treat, Under the Linden Tree, is an ideal place to relax, explore, stay and connect to past and present, within and without.

We came by our name from the centuries-old Linden Tree on our property. No one knows how old it is or who planted it; it is the only one on the island, and it must have come from a faraway place with intent. It is our axis mundi and holds secrets we wish it could tell us.

The mysterious planter of the Linden chose a spot across from the imposing granite hill of Exombourgo, the Venetian capital of the island (1207-1715), where springs fed a sheltered valley. It was cultivated throughout the island’s history, from ancient, Venetian and Ottoman times up to today. Some of the olive trees are around 800 years old and the orange grove was most likely planted when the prestigious Ursuline school for girls was founded in 1862.

Today, under the canopy of the Linden Tree, there is an orange and olive grove, a young vineyard, artichoke patch, vegetable garden, fruit trees, lily ponds and fresh water springs. Within this expanse of greenery old farmhouses and stables have been converted and renovated with modern comforts and island charm into cottages that take their names from the trees and flowers that surround them: the olive, the oak, the orange grove and the morning glory.

Lily pond by Orange Grove

Our carbon footprint here is light thanks to organic farming, solar energy and respectful water management.  Sleep on nature, our COCO-MAT mattresses are made entirely from natural materials (metal free) designed to provide you with unparalleled comfort for restorative sleep. We also provide organic and locally produced soaps (Ena Karo), to minimize the parabanes and phophates in the waste water and we encourage our guests to be sensitive in their choice of toiletries and produce.

Under the Linden Tree is available for individual vacations, group activities and retreats.

For groups we can accommodate up to 15 people, arrangements can be made in the area for larger groups.

Our watercolors

We hope you enjoy exploring Under the Linden Tree in its digital format, this website, which has been artistically visualized for us with the delightful artworks by Maro Michalakakos.   

Around Tinos

Tinos generally.

Close to Linden (beaches, examvourgo, hikes (keep posted to our blog)

Much of the vegetation on the farm is wild, wild herbs, mushrooms, ancient vines and Olive & Oak Groves.

 There are also Quince, Pear, Plum Fig and Lemon trees (mulberry?)

Our seasonal vegetable patch is cultvated as much as possible from  local seeds.

All plants and trees are selected to suit the dry and salty environment of the island.  

We aim to have a variety of organically grown fruit and vegetables all year round that guests can enjoy picking and planting.

We produce our own olives, herbs, capers, jams and raki.