Just like that our Yurt is UP!

September 2022

With a tug, a push, a pull and a wrap –our Yurt is UP!

Alongside our yoga deck and in the company of the linden tree our yurt is up, ready to welcome meditations, massages, talks, therapies moon circles and so much more.

A cool spot under the blazing sun, warm and cozy on cooler autumn / winter days.

Gentle Spring Cleansing, Detox @ Under the Linden Tree, Tinos

Gentle Spring Cleansing

MAY 13-19, 2024 Time to release what we no longer need and rejuvenate...

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Awaken to the mystery of being here . . .

and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. This...

Trygos,– the grape harvest…​

September 2022. Glowing in the September sun our juicy ripe...

Our Yurt is UP

Our yurt is up and ready! Alongside our yoga deck...

August Moon

August Moon Under the Linden Tree, 12th, 2022, Sofia Ampatzoglou