Mantra, Yoga and Meditation with Jenny Rees- Tonge and Swami GyanDharma.

September 20-25, 2022

This year the focus will be on opening ourselves up to joy, movement, music, to chanting, pranayama and asana.

The mornings will begin with a gently energy building asana practise, with restorative and yin postures, pranayama and a yoga Nidra to set intentions for the day. We will work with the chakras, with kundalini energies, and connect more and more each day with our natural healing powers.

The session will start at 9am, and finish at around 11.30 when we will then gather under the shade of the olives for a leisurely brunch with organic, fresh seasonal produce from the island. Last year the incredible local olives and cheeses were very popular. There are also fresh eggs, many different vegetables, local honeys, and gluten free options, as well as other dietary special options.

You will then have time to pursue leisure activities in the group where we visit the beach, or to take a massage in your cottage, or simply to spend time in the energy and life of the farm of Under the Linden tree, and the extraordinary island of Tinos.

At 4.30 pm we will meet again for a shorter mindful movement and meditation session, before settling down to chant and sing mantras with Swami GyanDharma for an hour, when he will also lead a group meditation and a kirtan, either under the stars if it is warm or in the yurts provided by Nilufer our hostess.

We will finish at around 6.30 – 7 pm when there will be time to prepare again to either go out as a group to one of the excellent local tavernas, or for you to prepare food in your room, where there are facilities to do so.

On two  of the evenings, there will also be a satsang, where we will all get the opportunity to spend time with Swami GyanDharma, and absorb some of the ancient wisdom teachings that he has been studying over a period of 40 years.

Mantra Chanting

Mantra chanting is a way of accessing and unlocking the emotional freedom that we experienced as young children again. Singing the sacred words over and over again frees us to be in the present moment, and to release tension and holding of emotion in conditioned patterns. It is both simple and profoundly effective at bringing us to joy.

About Jenny Rees- Tonge and Swami GyanDharma

Jenny Rees- Tonge is a yoga therapist and Buddhist practitioner based in London and Berlin. She originally trained (following a career in journalism) at the Life Centre in London in their first teacher training. She regularly offers gratitude to teachers such as Tias Little, Aadil Parkival, Bo Forbes, Andreas Wisniewski as they helped her deepen her focus, and discipline her mind.

Since then she has retrained as a yoga therapist with the Minded Institute and refocused her work to a more intimate scale collaborating with people on the details of their health and well being.
Therapy training gave an in-depth medical knowledge that enables more precise and targeted interventions with breath, movement, one to one exchanges and chanting. Her practise is now based much more on listening and feeling in with people how it is possible to create change.

Buddhist practise has been with the Zen River group in the Netherlands, under Tenkei Roshi. She has received Jukai. Also with Genpo Roshi in the US, and the White Plum Sangha.
Chanting with Swami Gyandharma recently has opened up many new excitng energies, leading to the joint offering. Mantras have a profound effect on mind and body, and often as a less practised aspect of the yoga path, can shift patterns quickly.  More about Jenny.

Swami GyanDharma, was born in Denmark, lived in an Indian monastery with his teacher Satyananda  for many years, and then travelled in Europe and throughout the world, developing and deepening his understanding and experience of Yoga and Meditative disciplines.

Swami GyanDharma is a master of chanting mantra, and highly skilled in the teaching and management of Prana Vidya and teaches this technique around the world. PranaVidya means ‘knowledge of energy’ and it is a yogic practice for liberating energy and using it for healing. Prana is not only confined to physical vitality but it is that energy or force that gives rise to flashes of wisdom and life-transforming insight. It can be increased through letting go of habitual mental and emotional patterns, which is why PranaVidya is considered both a healing and meditative practice. Mantra helps us to naturally move into Prana vidya experiences.

Who should join?

The retreat is open to all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Highlights, what is included
  • 6 nights accommodation in individual chalets with en-suite bathrooms and private terraces
  • asanas, restorative and yin postures
  • pranayama
  • yoga Nidra
  • working with chakras and  kundalini energies
  • meditation & kirtan
  • mantras
  • an evening of satsang with Swami GyanDharma
  • daily organic brunch with fresh produce from the island
  • leisure time to enjoy at the beach, by Linden or around the island
Optional extras to do in free time
  • great hikes around the island and up to Exomvourgo
  • swimming at various beaches
  • massage or facial at Linden on request
  • fishing and sailing
  • exploring the villages, monestaries, Ancient Greek sites or even a day trip  to neighbouring islands

Accommodation and Cost

The cost per person for all yoga, morning brunch,  accommodation and organic toiletries is €1350. To book click here.

For the cost for residents, please get in touch.

Each of the farm cottages has been renovated in character with the island architecture and in harmony with the local landscape. Rooms are done on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to let know your preference when booking.

Click on the links below to get an idea of which cottage takes your fancy.
Olive Grove, Oak, Morning Glory or Rock.

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