Do you like mushrooms?

Best season for picking November - February


Took a walk on the road from Smardakito to the wind turbine, beautiful… full of lavenders
and heathers.

A jolly man on his mule greeted me and my companion, he was going to look after his affairs of land and animals where cars don’t reach. We had our walk and upon our return our paths crossed again, he said, -do you like mushrooms? Yes, I answered, whereupon he slipped a bag he had on his shoulder and gave it to me.. fresh picked wild mushrooms, all of them..

Thanking him we went our way while he took another path to yet another chore.. we reached the cars and having noticed his starting point i emptied the bag of mushrooms to return it to his house. I had some chocolates from Halaris with me, i put some in, saw a woman outside and gave them to her with our thanks.. moments later she ran out to my car with cheese she had made from their cows milk.

This is Tinos..
Where there is kindness and generosity of spirit more than anywhere i have been. where land and men have not become estranged
It is lovely here in winter
Have walks in the day, cosy up by the wood stove in the long evenings gather mushrooms, roast chestnuts..
read books
sleep early


consider coming to Tinos in the winter..
our cottages are now winterised..
and the solar power works well even with days of clouds -working on the hot water though…

— Nilufer

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